Easy Sewing Projects


Ever feel that you just want to create something that gives you a sense of accomplishment? That’s one of the reasons why I sew. I don’t sew a lot. However, I find projects that are not hard to do, and have some benefit.

  • Project 1: Tissue Pack Covers

For example, I made some tissue pack covers that have a key chain loop for my sister’s preschool class. Some of the kids have constantly runny noses, and they can carry the tissue packs with them when they go outside. You can find the instructions here: Pocket Tissue Pack Cover

The fabric is laminated cotton, the water resistant fabric used in diaper covers.


  • Project 2: Aprons

More recently I’ve made some aprons. I found the pattern on Pinterest (Adjustable Unisex Apron). Using the heavier cotton household fabric, this project has a big bang for the buck. Plus there are all sorts of patterned fabric available.


Note to self: Patterns hide the mess that comes with cooking! Solid colors do not hide stains well.

  • Materials

All materials for these projects were found in-store at Joann Stores.

Want more ideas for easy projects? Let me know. I have a few more that weren’t featured on this page.


Author: Naomi Kall

I love to bake, cook, knit, crochet and sew things for my family and friends. Nothing fancy, just fun and fast projects. I also am an avid recycler of everything from grocery packages to clothing.

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