Don’t Un-sell Your Work!

Your Work is Better Than You Think It Is.

Have you ever created something that looked great but downplayed its quality when someone complimented you on it? For example, you may hear, “What a great quiche you made!”

My first attempt at making quiche. Is this how it should look? Sure!

Then you start to say, “Thanks, but I realized I forgot to (whatever) and it came out too…”

Essentially, you’re “un-selling” your work. But what you don’t realize is that if you hadn’t said anything, they wouldn’t have known the difference.

Consider it this way:

Mistake? Or Product Feature?

That’s right – the art of “positioning” your creations is in your hands (literally), and your mind. You control what you tell people about it, which in turn shapes their opinion of the work. You can “spin” it however you want.

I Spy…

For example, looking at these hand-made hats and scarves, can you tell which one(s) had problems with the pattern? The wrong type of yarn? Came out too big or too small?

Hats & Scarfs

In their own way, all of these were perfect. Any errors in construction were minor and actually gave them more personality. In fact, they were all given to a charity. The goal was to make something people can use and feel good wearing.

Perfection or Reality?

So, you may have your own opinion of your work. But others won’t see the flaws. They’ll see the end result of your creativity and know-how. It’s perfect in their eyes.



Author: Naomi Kall

I love to bake, cook, knit, crochet and sew things for my family and friends. Nothing fancy, just fun and fast projects. I also am an avid recycler of everything from grocery packages to clothing.

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